1. H

    3D Printed Titanic, Carpathia, Californian and other ships 1:1000 Scale models

    In a similar vein to Titanic Honor and Glory's 3D printed models, a person by the name of "vandragon_de" has been 3D printed his own 1:1000 scale models of Titanic, Cunard and the Big Four ocean liners via a Patreon page. However he has also been 3D printing other vessels including the...
  2. Oliver K

    Printers Room and Equipment used

    The Printers room is located on D-Deck as part of the 1st class galley, you can view a 360 panorama of the room here (which by the way is a great resource for checking out rooms on titanic) My question is what kind of equipment and what printing process would be used to produce all the flyers...