prinz adalbert

  1. mueller

    Hamburg America ship Prinz Adalbert passes iceberg that sank the Titanic

    hello i thought you all might want to know about some interesting news i red today regarding the ship prinz adalbert. there's reports that chief steward M Linoenewald of the German ship prinz adalbert saw the iceberg, and he wrote a handwritten account about what he saw. Here is one of the...
  2. M

    The Iceberg

    ATTN: Sam & Jim C., I understand that you guys are discussing the eyewitness testimony in regards to the iceberg on a seperate topic. I too am intrigued by the "white monstor". A photograph, as the caption notes, bearing better pedigree than most (red paint along base), taken by the Chief...
  3. A

    Which iceberg was it Ibve seen two pictures now PICTURE

    Has anyone ever reached a consensus on which iceberg Titanic hit? Is this the one, or is it the other one? Thanks.