promenade deck

  1. R

    Glass windows on the forward promenade

    There is another post that talked about access to the A deck promenade. Toward the bow the promenade was closed off by a wall, with a window and a door. Unlike the Olympic which had an open promenade nearly all the way around, the Titanic had a different design where there were what appears to...
  2. Belle Valentine

    What’s this thing underneath the windows of the A Deck Promenade?

    Hello! So I’ve been interested in the Titanic for about 12 years and I’m still learning and I still have questions, but recently every time I see a model or picture I can’t help but notice that right underneath the windows of the A Deck promenade there are these things that look a bit like an...
  3. J

    Where were dogs walked?

    Hi I wonder if anyone has discovered where dogs were walked on the Titanic? I assume that first class passengers with small dogs in their cabins would have walked their dogs on the first class promenade, but has anyone read anything that suggests dogs were walked in a specific place? Many...
  4. G

    Enclosed "A" deck promenade

    When the Titanic's A deck was enclosed, how exactly did they go about this? Are there any pictures showing it half completed? For example, if i were looking at the Titanic's A Deck enclosed area in detail, would i be able to see the areas 'filled' in with steel. I have made a small (i know...