1. M

    Olympic's position when she lost a propeller blade

    Hello ! I was wondering if someone knew the Olympic's exact position (in degrees) in the North Atlantic when she lost a propeller blade on February 24, 1912 ? According to this site, the collision occured about 750 miles off the Newfoundland coast. This is the only information I have...
  2. Cam Houseman

    Did Boxhall indeed row under the Propellers?

    Hi y'all So did Mr. Fourth Officer Boxhall indeed pass under the Propellers? Lifeboat No. 2 left the Portside around 1:45am, with 18 people aboard. which is near the time that the forecastle and Forward Well Deck went under (1:55-2:05am) Day 3 (American Inquiry) Senator SMITH. Did you ever...
  3. Rudder


  4. Aristide

    Where are Titanic's propeller cones?

    Does anyone know where Titanics propeller cones are? When you see the wreck you notice they appear to be gone? They appear to be missing on both outer propellers? When you watch old pictures of Olympic and Britannic both have cones on their propellers so its weird they are missing on...
  5. J

    Answered Where is the thrust block for the turbine's center shaft?

    I have looked through the profiles and deck plan and do not see the thrust block for the turbine's center shaft. I see the main engine thrust blocks plainly marked. The turbine must have a thrust block especially being a very sensitive piece of hardware. Usually the thrust block isn't built into...
  6. LukeW17

    The propellers being exposed

    Hi all When were the propellers exactly exposed from the water as the stern was pulled up? Was it late or early on in the sinking? Many CGI videos and Cameron’s movie itself show them rising minutes before the final plunge and break up? But would they become atleast partly visible earlier due...
  7. Scott Mills

    Titanic making way after collision

    Greetings all, I am a long time avid amateur Titanic historian. Well, not really, I do gobble up books on the subject but retain much less than I would like. In any regard, I was having a conversation with a friend, and fellow Titanic buff the other night about the centennial, which quickly...