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    A Majestic in the 1870's?

    This is the first time I've encountered a reference to an 1870's-era Majestic, a name not actually used until Majestic I 1890-1914. Liverpool Mercury 4 April 1872
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    G/A Plans Still Around for RMMV Oceanic (III)

    So I was reading a pretty old thread from 2006 saying someone had purchased a set of physical plans of Oceanic from the National Museums of Northern Ireland for an unknown price, and that he was unable to scan said plans due to their size. There was no info given on what version of these plans...
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    Oceanic III Information

    I'm visiting Belfast sometime in November and I noticed that information is scarce on the RMMV Oceanic (III). I decided to look further into this, and i'm now going to attempt to visit several archives to see if I can gather any more than the little information available online... The PRONI...
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    Could RMMV Oceanic III have won the Blue Riband?

    Hello everyone, In my view, I see the Oceanic III as the ultimate WSL liner, combining the diesel propulsion of the MV Britannic/Georgic along with the spaciousness of the RMS Majestic, the largest vessel operated by White Star Line ever. Just a question I want to ask that has been...
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    Scratch built MV Oceanic III 1600 scale

    Here is a picture of my new model of Oceanic, built from the Harland and Wolff engine arrangement drawing. Enjoy, Rich.
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    Oceanic III Design

    42 Knots? Where did you get that from?
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    Oceanic III

    Hi everyone, here's a little treat for you, as I'm sure very few of you have seen this. These are some photos of my scratch built 1/350 scale model of White Star's proposed Oceanic III of 1928. I built her from the general arrangement plans and the rigging diagrams of Britannic III...
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    Oceanic III picture

    I was toying around with paint and a line drawing of the proposed Oceanic's profile to make a picture of what she might have looked steaming along at night: Anyway, I was wondering if anybody could identify the source of the line...
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    Drawing of Oceanic III

    Here is another of the latter incomplete Oceanic. I have depicted her later in her career in the 1950s:
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    Proposed Oceanic III

    I have lost the website devoted to the Oceanic III Which was never completed - does anyone have the address please? Thanks, Greg.
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    RMS Oceanic III

    I've just put up a new webpage http://homepage.ntlw son/oceanic.html about the Oceanic III, a proposed 1000ft vessel for White Star that was never completed. If you have any information or comments, or if you spot any errors(!), I'd really like to hear from you...