1. Heather Lee

    Were passengers allowed on docking bridge?

    I thought I had seen pictures of passengers up on the docking bridge and I wondered if it was an area that passengers were free to roam, or was it strictly for crew? I also wondered what sort of officers would be wandering around, keeping an eye on things/passenger behavior? I know a...
  2. Charles Francis Dowling

    Where did the Window Cleaners, Extra QMs, and Deck Engineers/Storekeeper sleep?

    Hi, I was just wondering where these people slept because I can't find these people's cabins anywhere and I am making a document for every crew member and passenger that includes where they slept. These are problems. *There seems to be 7 Quartermasters, and the only cabin I find for them is on...
  3. Dan Parkes

    New Evidence -Why Quartermaster Hichens Was Not in Capetown in 1914

    Sally Nilsson, great-granddaughter of Quartermaster Robert Hichens, based her book "The Man Who Sank Titanic" on a dubious letter that put Hichens as a Harbourmaster in Cape Town in 1914 leading to an inference that he was 'paid of' by the White Star Line with a lifelong job for as long as he...