1. PilotBug

    Gantry Davits on other ships

    Hello there, this is my first post. but anyways. After the Britannic sank and showed the advantages of Gantry davits, why didn't other ships employ them? they were clearly effective, the only other ships I remember having such was the Windsor Castle (and her sister ship) , and it only had two...
  2. Belle Valentine

    What’s this thing underneath the windows of the A Deck Promenade?

    Hello! So I’ve been interested in the Titanic for about 12 years and I’m still learning and I still have questions, but recently every time I see a model or picture I can’t help but notice that right underneath the windows of the A Deck promenade there are these things that look a bit like an...
  3. Justin Litke

    "On a Sea of Glass" photo

    I had a quick question regarding a photo in "On a Sea of Glass" On page 24, beneath this photo: reads a caption, in part: The ship's name was written in after the photograph was taken, and inaccurately at that." Why is it inaccurate?