1. A

    Navigation without radar

    Hi I have a question, How did the officers steer the ship to new York and back to England without radar?. Yes I knew titanic never made it to NY but her bow is sitting on the ocean floor facing NY. Not only that, prior and after titanic, ships made the transatlatic route the same way-no radar...
  2. Rob Lawes

    Normandie's RADAR

    I've recently been reading a book by a forner head Government Scientist called R.V. Jones who was at the forefront of the development of RADAR technology in the run up to WW2. In his book "Most Secret War he talks about the design of a type of RADAR that the French were fitting to Normndie to...
  3. A

    What if modern technology had existed in 1912?

    Hi all, A bit of a hypothetical for this month.... What if modern technology had existed on board the Titanic? Radar, for instance, or the ability to contact other ships by phone. Would it have prevented the sinking altogether or made a significant difference at all? How might it have...