recovered bodies

  1. Jason D. Tiller

    News Bodies of the Titanic: Found and Lost Again

    Ideas about economic class informed decisions about which recovered bodies would be preserved for land burial and which would be returned to the icy seas.
  2. David Goodwin

    Washed up bodies or other wreckage

    I have read a fair amount about the recovery of bodies following the disaster, but there seems to be no mention of wreckage , bodies or lifejackets being washed ashore a few weeks after the sinking. I find that surprising, although I know nothing about the currents in the area. Might wreckage...
  3. Arun Vajpey

    The bodies in Collapsible A

    When Fifth Officer Lowe commandeering lifeboat #14 helped 12 survivors out of the damaged and waterlogged Collapsible A, there were supposed to have been 3 more people on board, but sadly deceased by then. I understand that the bodies were left adrift in the boat. I believe one of the three...
  4. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Bodies reach Boston

    The bodies bought to Boston were those of Timothy McCarthy 52 Nelson Street Dorchester buyer for the Jordan Marsh company; Walter C. Porter of Worcester C.C. Jones of Bennington Vt. And E.C. Ostby of Providence.... Boston Globe Thu, 02 May 1912...
  5. H

    Answered Last bodies recovered

    Were the three bodies recovered by the Montmagny on 10 May in a boat? If so, which one. I cannot see that the bodies would still be recoverable a month after the sinking otherwise.
  6. Seumas

    Was Any Effort Made To Involve The RN & USN In Recovering The Dead ?

    I was just wondering ... Is there any record of anyone (prominent survivors, politicians, WSL, IMM) attempting to get the governments of Britain and the USA to have the Royal Navy and the United States Navy assist with recovering the bodies ? Surely both navies could have easily spared an old...
  7. Jessie M.

    Putting an End to an Argument

    Now I know this is probably a really stupid idea... But I just can't seem to shake it. As I'd imagine most of us know, no physical bodies remain in the wreck site and it has caused a bit of debate between people when it comes to the wreck itself (Viewing the wreck as a Gravesite or as a...
  8. K

    Niqula Nasrallah-Condition of the Body And Possible Misidentification as JJ Astor

    I ran into an article today about Niqula (Nicholas) Nasrallah purportedly being misidentified by the press as COL J.J. Astor due to Morse code miscommunication. What was the physical condition of Nasrallah's body as recovered by Mackay-Bennett?
  9. J

    Identification of drowned passengers

    Hi, l am new to your group. My grand mother, born 1881, used to tell me stories about the Titanic disaster. I've read many books and seen all the films, but l can find no stories about one of the things she told me. She said that coffins were lined up (l can't remember where) containing some of...
  10. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Description of unidentified bodies
  11. sir john adams

    What happened to the bodies?

    I know the stern sank . And she imploded. But the bow even that she sank "slowly" I Know at least a couple of people were taken down with her. I know at least the collapsible filled with passengers that went up against the crew quaters. Went down with the ship. And if the windows broke. They...
  12. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Description of recovered bodies
  13. Z

    Does anybody have DOB and DOD of John Jack Stewart?

    The last steward who saw Thomas Andrews? Thank you.!
  14. M

    Victim #185 - W. Doughty?

    Is it possible that body 185 was Mr W Doughty, he was 2nd Class Steward ( Saloon Steward ) number 20 as was body 185, he was aged 22, body 185 was estimated to be aged 25 so not far off, 185 was wearing a Steward's coat, Doughty was a Steward, if it isn't him then i think the green football...
  15. M

    Victim #24 - Bertram Terrell?

    The description of body number 24 is that it was a estimated 20 years old male, sailor, the only sailor who fits this description perfectly is Mr Bertram Terrell, 20 years old Able Seaman, is this the only possibility for that body or is there another possibility that i haven't seen?? also would...
  16. L

    Estonia - The survivor's story: does anybody understand Swedish?

    At the moment I’m working at a research about the Estonia victims and survivors — a lot of material can be found on internet, including the statements of most of the survivors (at this site — Untitled Document). Amongst other things, I found also some documentaries. One is “Estonia, the...
  17. J

    Why were the bodies recovered?

    How did the Postal Clerks' bodies end up outside of the ship? Most accounts put them as dying in the mailroom or somewhere near that trying to recover the registered mail, yet the bodies of Chief Postman Oscar S. Woody and Postman John Starr March were recovered by the Mackay-Bennett. Since the...
  18. T

    Unidentified Bodies comparison with unrecovered body list?

    My question is rather morbid, but was there any attempt to identify the unidentified bodies either interred or buried at sea, with the passenger list showing those not recovered or accounted for? I can only imagine what an unsavory job body recovery was, but how did they try to identify the ones...
  19. E

    The Dead Might Have More To Say....

    As technology for probing the Titanic's debris field becomes more precise and sophisticated, Do you think clothing from some of the already disintegrated bodies might be identified and reveal the owner, or possibly contain further valuable information/insight (as in diaries, notebooks, letters...
  20. C

    Can anybody offer any help

    Have been told that I have a great, great uncle who went down on the Titanic, All I know is he was on his way to Canada as a Mountie, no body knows his name or if he had come home on holiday or if this was his first trip there. All we do know is he was my gran-dads Smiths uncle on my dads side...