1. M

    Book about Jack Phillips

    Did any of you read the book "The Man Who Sent The SOS" ? If so,what do you believe? Is it all true or BS? The Author said some things like Jack Phillips had broken his Fingers and James Moody and Jack Phillips were Close Friends. He also said HE is the Reincarnation of Jack Phillips . He also...
  2. Christophe Puttemans

    Inaccuracies in Andrews' testimony

    Thomas Andrews never managed to make a testimony of what he saw on the Titanic, because he died in the sinking. But apparently, he reincarnated as William "Bill" Barnes. Bill has always been haunted by memories of a sinking four-funneled ship and heavily reacted on seeing the 1953 film Titanic...
  3. Ellie Stevenson

    Ship of Haunts: the other Titanic story

    Hello everyone Ship of Haunts: the other Titanic story is a time-crossing ghost story about Titanic, child migration and life as a ghost under the sea. It's currently available FREE as an e-book on Amazon until Sunday (19 August 2012). Ship of Haunts: the other Titanic story...