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    Titanic "Inspired" Grand Staircase in House

    Don't know if anyone else has seen this, but someone has built a similar looking version of the Grand Staircase in their house.
  2. M

    Seagoing Authentic Titanic Replica with Escort Ship?

    Hello, I’ve been reading ET for years but this is my first post. Please forgive me if any of this has already been covered previously. I’ve always been interested in the concept of a Titanic replica. I believe the closest thing we’ll ever get to it is the Honor and Glory game in the works...
  3. K

    Why are they making a Titanic II?

    I don't understand on why would they do something like this what if it just goes down like the first one ? I support it but what if alot of people die on this one just like the last?
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    Functioning Carpathia Replica

    This is going to be the first ever GIANT thing i've built.Does anyone want to help?To learn more(and to get a ticket for the relpica),email me at [email protected] Deckplans are done
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    Functioning Titanic Replica

    I'm planning to make a replica of the Titanic!Does anyone want to help me?To know more about it,please email me at [email protected]
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    Titanic/ white star officers cap badges, which?

    Hail readers, Titanic's tragic centenary made me take up an old project: to replicate a very good copy of an officers peaked cap for my collection of interesting headgear. I already altered a modern peaked cap to one that is according to the 1895 royal navy regulations, which meant making...
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    Even if they made a new Titanic

    I've heard so many rumors of "they're building a new one now!" to "they will in the year so-and-so." But... even if they did make a new Titanic, Titanic II... I think that sailing on it would be an extremely depressing thing. For one, on the maiden voyage, EVERYONE would be saying "We're...
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    Titanic II

    First I'd like to say hello to everyone! I'm new here, just registered tonight. Now for my question. I saw a program on, I think, TLC last month about Titanic and they said there was going to be a Titanic II. I was wondering what anyone knew about that? If it's true, I'd love to be on it...
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    Titanic II

    The San Francisco Board of Supervisors is considering a proposal to build the "Titanic II." It will be an exact replica of the Titanic, built in Finland for $160 million, and transported to the United States for $90 million. It will be a 568 room floating hotel, docked at Pier 35. Rooms...