1. I

    Specific Crew Assignment Documents?

    Is there any records or lists that have been found of Crew Members and their specific assignments aboard the Titanic? For example, maybe which stewards were to cover which state rooms? Or which members had which badge numbers? Anything of that nature of similar could be of great use and help...
  2. H

    Californian Research Trip to Guildhall Library, London

    Hello everyone, In over a week's time, I will be visiting the Guildhall Library, London after recent personal events have given me the opportunitiy to visit. Along with general Titanic research, I might be able to find out some more info about the Californian's cargo and / or arrival and...
  3. CollinSearls

    What happened to all the Titanic design resources?

    Throughout working on my 3D model, it feels like it's been a bit of a struggle to find more than some general documentation on the design of the ship. Every once in a while, I see a post from a few years ago saying something along the lines of "I got most of my info from -link-!" or "For more...
  4. C

    Titanic Coal Research Query

    Hello I am looking to source documentary evidence about how/where the coal was acquired for the Titanic. Specifically I am trying to tie the coal back to the Rhondda Valley in Wales and in a perfect world to the Lewis Merthyr Collieries. Here's what I know so far (but I have not seen copies of...
  5. Philip Hind

    Acquitting the Iceberg

    Peter Elverhí¸i has been brave and submitted his book Acquitting the Iceberg for publication on ET. The first two parts have now gone up and we'll put up the remaining 20 or so (!) chapters at regular intervals. Peter is very keen to get constructive feedback on the book much of which are his...
  6. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Frederick Allen / Charles Frederick Blades
  7. John Clifford

    Titanic's Future

    I wonder what will happen after Millvina Dean is gone. She is the only one of the five remaining survivors who will talk about the disaster, albeit relating stories from her mother. The other four, including three survivors now in nursing homes, have chosen not to say anything. Two of them...