rice family

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    Frederick Thomas Rice

    Frederick Thomas Rice was four years old, travelling to America with his mother and brothers. Strangely, his name is not mentioned on any passenger list. Was he a clandestine? He could'nt of been left in Ireland since his father died several years before. Does anyone know anything about...
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    Margaret Rice

    Hi, recently I was reading Margaret's biography, and I'm curious-why did she have pills prescribed for her by the doctor ? What kinda pills were they ? This is just my guess:since Margaret lost her husband William just two years before the sinking,and recently gave birth to Eugene(some new...
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    The Rice Family

    Is there anyone who has, or has access to, any information about the Rice family. They were 3rd class passengers. All historical information I have read states that Mrs Rice was a widow and was travelling with her 5 sons to start a new life in the US. They were apparently last seen in the...