rms olympic

  1. CubickProductions

    Bob Read’s Britannic and Olympic plans

    I’ve been looking everywhere for Bob Read’s plans, and since I can’t purchase them I want to know if anyone has his plans for the Olympic and Britannic (especially the RMS plans for the Britannic and the HMT plans for the Olympic).
  2. 313_Iron

    Alternate History Olympic

    I have discussed this topic with my friends for some time and I wanted to get other people’s opinions on this topic. If the RMS Olympic sank in any point during her life, when would the ship sunk, what would have caused it, and what would the wreck look like? I theorize that the Olympic would...
  3. Jessie M.

    Watertight doors during the Hawke Collision

    As most of us know; the Olympic was nearly identical to the Titanic save for her exposed Promenade deck and nameplates... If this was the case, in 1911 (before her watertight doors were fixed due to the issues the Titanic disaster brought to light) how is it possible that the Olympic survived...
  4. John Mancini

    1st voyage (I think) west after refurbishing -- arriving 28 July 1920

    My grandmother was on this voyage from Cherbourg to NYC. Looking for any information about this particular journey. It's the one that had Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford returning from their honeymoon (although I hazard to say in a somewhat different traveling class) as well as 16 year old...
  5. Aelvir

    HMT Olympic model’s propellers

    A model of RMS Olympic I purchased online came in the other day. Upon inspecting it, I happened to notice something odd about her propellers. All three seem to be four-blades propellers. Which is odd, because her propellers has always been notes as “Two bronze three-bladed wing propellers. One...
  6. JJAstorII

    RMS Olympic silver platter

    I recently won this at auction from the Olympic and thought you would all enjoy seeing it. My mom, who is pretty good at antiques, told me that it used to be for ice to hold and you put oysters or shrimp on top. I just love the clawed feet
  7. H

    Confirming date of Photo: RMS Olympic departing Belfast.

    HELP! Quickly looking up photos from The Ulster & Folk Transport Museum here: Titanic - Olympic repairs and refitting on the discussion of the new photographs found by mpj27, and I notice this photo here (Below, hopefully it's not too big). Now the UFTM states that the Britannic is in the...
  8. M

    Grand staircase of Titanic? or Olympic?

    Hey everyone! I've always seen the pictures of the grand staircase from Titanic But I was reading a wikipedia article which said this picture is actually from the Olympic? Are there any pictures of the grand staircase from the Titanic?
  9. R

    Violet jessop

    I think this lady is possibly the most interesting of all the crew and passengers. She served on Olympic and witnessed the accident with Hawk, was on Titanic when it went down and also survived the sinking of the Brittanic. Quite a lady and yet amongst all the high profile names, seems to get...
  10. Alec Barker

    RMS Olympic bridge and wheelhouse interior pics

    Hello, are there any pictures of inside the RMS Olympic's bridhe or wheelhouse? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Alec