1. D

    Answered What does RMS in RMS Titanic stand for?

    What does RMS stand for in the front of the Titanic name? RMS Titanic
  2. Alison Canot

    My 3D model

    ________________________________________________________________________________________ Hi! I'm Alison Canot from the Dominican Republic and it's my first publication in this forum. I am an Architect and one of my passions in the RMS Titanic, I have a small collection that includes different...
  3. H

    Did Titanic follow the Greenwich Meridian (and if not, which one instead) ?

    Starting to begin the epic task of writing a Titanic book, I just wanted to confirm that Titanic followed Greenwich Meridian. However a quick google search on their official website sowed some confusion... Link: Greenwich Meridian and GMT, The Royal Observatory, London Also checking this...
  4. Ryan J. Nicholson

    What Did Titanic's Grand Staircase Actually look like?

    I know this is probably a rather difficult topic to answer, as there are no known photos of Titanic's forward Grand Staircase, but from some of my research it seems that there were some substantial differences between Olympic and Titanic's grand staircase designs. From what I've read online the...
  5. M

    Royal Mail Ship

    Who could use this designation?