robert hichens

  1. Sally@Hichens

    Robert Hichens - Headstone

    Very excited to confirm the unveiling of Robert Hichens' headstone at Trinity Cemetery, Aberdeen on 19th December 1pm. Thanks to Simon Medhurst, Ian Burnett, Swiss Titanic Society, Aberdeen Wargraves and Council. Please share this invite. It would be lovely to see any more Titanic enthusiasts...
  2. A

    Role of Fred Fleet on Boat #6 questioned/challenged, "ally" of Hichens?

    First of all, Hi from Argentina, and forgive English language messes and mixing American & British English. I saw both movies A Night To Remember and Titanic (1997), and it seems to be that Fleet indeed supported Hichens' position on refusing to go back and never defended e.g. Margaret Brown...
  3. A

    Hichens Newspaper Account - Compared with Inquiry Testimony

    Quartermaster Hichens gave a very detailed account which was published in the newspapers on April 20th 1912. This was right after the Carpathia docked and before he testified at the Inquiry. Does his newspaper account show anything interesting to you and how do you compare it with his later...
  4. A

    Why did Hichens ask - "Who was on the bridge?"

    Quartermaster Hichens was on duty when he was given the order to turn the helm by Murdoch and Moody just before the collision took place, yet he apparently did not know which officers were on duty at the time and was heard calling out to the other lifeboats and asking the occupants if they knew...
  5. Dan Parkes

    New Evidence -Why Quartermaster Hichens Was Not in Capetown in 1914

    Sally Nilsson, great-granddaughter of Quartermaster Robert Hichens, based her book "The Man Who Sank Titanic" on a dubious letter that put Hichens as a Harbourmaster in Cape Town in 1914 leading to an inference that he was 'paid of' by the White Star Line with a lifelong job for as long as he...
  6. Doug Criner

    Was QM Hichens Drunk?

    In his book, Col. Gracie claimed that Hichens, who was in charge of Lifeboat 6, was definitely drunk. Certainly, it seems that others in that lifeboat, including Molly Brown, believed that Hichens acted very inappropriately. Col. Gracie ought to have been a credible judge of whether somebody was...
  7. Sally@Hichens

    New Photograph of Robert Hichens

    This photograph has only recently come to my attention. Southampton Heritage Trust kindly gave me permission to share it with you as they hold the rights. It is of Robert Hichens, early twenties in summer Royal Naval Reserves uniform c1902.
  8. Sally@Hichens

    Robert Hichens has been found

    Robert Hichens was the last man at the wheel of the Titanic. For three years I have been trying to find his final resting place and at last he is found. He is buried at Trinity Cemetery in Aberdeen in a grave with three other people. This cemetery was well known as a resting place for seamen...
  9. D

    Whatever Happened to Robert Hichens

    I just finished reading the much-anticipated research article, "Whatever Happened to Robert Hichens?", by Phil Gowan and Brian Meister. My congratulations and thanks go to these gentlemen for their skillful research and writing and for providing a closing chapter on this man's sad life--a gift...
  10. J

    Robert Hichens

    I reviewed the testimony of Mrs. J. Stuart White, which she gave during the Senate inquiry, on May 2, 1912. Mrs. White seemed to have a level head, and a good grasp of the facts. She was appalled at what had happened (i.e., the ship running in to the icefield, "sailors" in the boat who didn't...