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    Answered What distress signals were used on the Titanic?

    How did the Titanic try to alert other ships to her plight?
  2. Samuel Halpern

    Rockets Lifeboats and Time Changes

    This article was originally published in TIS's Voyage 70 journal, winter 2009; and BTS's ADB journal, Dec 2009 issue. It is now available HERE on ET. The article deals with rocket sightings on Californian and how they correlate with rocket firings, lifeboat launch times, and planned time changes...
  3. D

    Rockets' use as signals of disaster

    Greetings all, I have been off the boards for some time, and I hope you are all keeping well. I have a question that may only require a short answer - or a lengthy one. And it is this - prior to the night of April 14th-15th 1912 were there any...
  4. P

    Could the Carpathia have seen Titanic's rockets

    Once again, another delve into the realms of hypothetical mathematics driven scenarios. For a start, I have assumed that the Carpathia started its north-westerly dash at 12.30am at a point slightly away from its deduced position: my method is the same as David Gittins on his website, and yields...