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    Royal Navy Service

    Hi all. Does anyone have a figure for the total number of seamen who had previously served in the Royal Navy/RNR? Of the 50, I only counted 26. Can anyone confirm/modify this? Also, were all members of the Deck Department automatically given a WSL jersey? Thanks.
  2. Seumas

    Was Any Effort Made To Involve The RN & USN In Recovering The Dead ?

    I was just wondering ... Is there any record of anyone (prominent survivors, politicians, WSL, IMM) attempting to get the governments of Britain and the USA to have the Royal Navy and the United States Navy assist with recovering the bodies ? Surely both navies could have easily spared an old...
  3. Dan E. Parkes

    First Officer Murdoch's RNR Service Record and Telescope

    Formally known as Lieutenant William McMaster Murdoch RNR (Royal Navy Reserve), it is fascinating to see his official service record and also a telescope that was presented to him by the British Navy. You can view his service record here: William Murdoch's Service Record | William Murdoch...
  4. A

    Royal Navy day at Portsmouth

    hey, i was wondering, did any of you happen to go to the royal navy day at portsmouth yesterday, i did. i managed to go on ; H.M.S. Warrior, Victory, illustrious, enterprize and i even saw what remains of mary rose, and then on the way back we had to rush to get to southsea to see norweigen...
  5. M

    Royal Navy Aircraft Carriers

    From All News, Royal Navy Live: Douglas Bay To Welcome The UK’s Fleet Flagship Full story at
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    Royal Navy In The News

    From The Navy News: Tomahawk passes first test Story at
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    Third Officer Herbert Pitman

    I am new to this board and am wondering about something. I have been reading and studying about Titanic for the last four or five years. I read somewhere that White Star Line required among other things that their officers not only be trained in sail but that they also be members of the Royal...
  8. Mark Chirnside

    HMS Audacious' Wreck

    Hi! I was researching more deeply into the Audacious again today: As I am sure many people know, she was sunk by a mine roughly twenty miles out of Lough Swilly on the North-Eastern Irish coast on October 27th 1914, and before she sank she blew up — an explosion which was seen twenty...