saloon steward

  1. Benjamin Moore

    Saloon Steward Jacket color

    The color typically seen for steward’s coats is white. Recovered from the wreck are steward jackets that are white. James cameron’s Film had saloon stewards in white jackets. BUT - in the only known photo of Titanic’s 1st class dining saloon (taken by father brown), the stewards can be made...
  2. S

    John Boyd-1st Class Saloon Steward

    I am looking into my family and we know very little about my Great Grandfather John Boyd apart from what is already on ET. We are trying to find photos or any connections with other Saloon Stewards. We have already made 1 connection and really want to try and find out about more, ideally a photo...
  3. M

    Boysie Richard Russell

    I am a distance relation to Boysie (on fathers side) I have a picture taken when we believe he was sixteen + his birth certificate. Your details showing him as 19 is incorrect he was actually 17 and five months when he joined the crew of the Titanic. I will be sending a copy of the certificate...