1. William Oakes

    Saloon Stewards, Who mixed the drinks?

    I have been trying to use the search function to see if this question has been asked before. I keep getting a server error. So, if this has been asked previously my apologies. I am interested in Saloon Stewards. There were Saloon Stewards (First, Second, Third class), Assistant Saloon Stewards (...
  2. Duck_Dur

    Height of first class dining saloon in the titanic

    Hello, how high was the first class dining saloon Reguards,
  3. Benjamin Moore

    Saloon Steward Jacket color

    The color typically seen for steward’s coats is white. Recovered from the wreck are steward jackets that are white. James cameron’s Film had saloon stewards in white jackets. BUT - in the only known photo of Titanic’s 1st class dining saloon (taken by father brown), the stewards can be made...