1. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Lusitania survivor saved diamond tiara but not children...
  2. Steven Christian

    Looting the wreck...?

    I guess this is the right spot for this. I recently read an article about the galleon San Jose. And like most shipwreck articles eventually they will get compared to Titanic somehow. In the article it says that Titanic's wreck site has been plundered illegally of thousands of artifacts that are...
  3. R

    Could a camera & its photos ever be recovered?

    Presumably there were passengers with cameras who continued taking photographs on the ship after Francis Browne left at Queenstown. If these cameras were ever recovered from the debris field, is it possible that the images might've survived? It's a long shot, admittedly, but some of the...
  4. A

    Do expeditions to the Titanic wreck have a future?

    Hi all, OK, this month's topic stems somewhat from some other recent threads on the forums.... Do expeditions to the Titanic wreck have a future? What more can be achieved by them and what would you personally like to see them focus on? Is there anything more that can be learned from the...
  5. Brad Rousse

    Discovery, Exploration and Salvage Recommendations

    Hello ET community, Long time lurker and occasional poster... I was wondering if anyone could recommend some works to me regarding efforts to discover, explore and salvage the wreck. I find this area of the ship's history a bit lacking as of late. Clearly, I know about the Ballard books, but...
  6. U

    Lusitania salvaged watch mechanism

    Hi There I have recently bought a boxed watch mechanism salvaged from the Lusitania in 1982. With a lot of elbow grease and patience I have managed to get the box open and treat/clean the beautiful watch inside. I was wondering if anyone on here might know of where I could get hold of one of...
  7. M

    RMS Titanic "rusticles" withdrawn

    Good news! Charles Pellegrino found it in his heart, to return too RMSTI Inc., a group of rusticles recovered from the wreck. I recall reading the Auction preview of Heritage Galleries last month...apparantly one large piece possessed fossilized remants of deck roping. Michael Cundiff NV, USA
  8. J

    Graveyard of shoes

    When the wreck of the Titanic was first located, discoverer Robert Ballard reported that he saw all kinds of shoes laying around, in pairs. Later, it was reported that passengers had left shoes out to be polished, etc. I've always believed that the shoes were what was left after the...