1. Marco C. Ruo

    Third class sanitary conditions

    I recently read that in third class there were only two bathrooms, and that many men urinated in the darkest corners at night, I wonder: How much must there be in these corridors and rooms of poor and not very clean people? It seems strange to me that no one talks about the real conditions and...
  2. T

    A 2nd class passenger complained about an unfinished cabin uninstalled toilet fixtures and no heat

    Here is a question I posted over on TRMA awhile back- I'll post it again here, in case any fellow ET regulars who don't frequent TRMA might offer some additional ideas.. Now as well all know, every liner will have some gremlins and bugs to iron out on their maiden voyage-Titanic being no...
  3. J

    Waste Disposal

    Anyone have any clue what was done with the dirty water, sewage, and other waste products. I have looked at the deck plans and there is no tanks found for this purpose. I would imagine there was holding tanks somewhere and electrical run pumps either ejected it out of the ship to the...