scotland road

  1. M

    E Deck Features

    Along the length of Scotland Road, the plans show several "Portable Plate for Shipping Furnaces" located at intervals down the corridor. What were these? Also, a number of second class cabins (for example, E100, E103, etc.) have an odd, criss-crossed feature just inboard of the porthole - what...
  2. Galley Debris, ROV sailing under Scotland Road.jpg

    Galley Debris, ROV sailing under Scotland Road.jpg

  3. Scotland Road Looking Aft.JPG

    Scotland Road Looking Aft.JPG

  4. Cam Houseman

    Exploring Scotland Road

    In the movie, Rose uses the crewman passage. Why not use this to explore SC?
  5. Titanic E-Deck Scotland Road 1.jpg

    Titanic E-Deck Scotland Road 1.jpg

  6. Charles Francis Dowling

    Titanic: Prediction of When Grand Staircase , Dining Room , Scotland Road Flooded

    Anyone tell me when scotland road , the grand staircase , and the first class dining room flooded? Here is my prediction. Grand Staircase : 2:10 when A Deck was flooding , Boat deck level 2:15 as dome imploded. First Class Dining Room: 1:55 as double doors of dining room slowly creaked...
  7. P

    The Scotland Road

    I think because of the various stairs in the bow coming from F Deck the Scotland Road spread a lot of water in the ship, I suppose that the water Dorothy Gibson saw flooding the Staircase of E Deck, came from "Scotland Road, I have a theory that after that, the water went down "E Deck" to "F...
  8. P

    Third class and Scotland Road a few questions

    Hello I have been looking at deckplans, but there is something I do not understand. It seems that the only access from the forward third class cabins and the open berths to the aft area and the poop deck is Scotland Road. Were steerage passengers staying in a forward cabin even able to get aft...
  9. David G. Brown

    Scotland Road Irregulars

    With apologies to devotees of Sherlock Holmes, I hereby establish an organization known as the "Scotland Road Irregulars" dedicated to serious research into all phases of the Titanic story. To be a member, all you have to do is participate. To encourage participation, I suggest that we meet...
  10. K

    Scotland Road

    In one scene in the movie wen jack and rose brake the door and the steward say that they have to pay for that and the say shut up Was that on the scotland road??? thank you Kristjan
  11. K

    Scotland Road by Jeffrey Hatcher

    Has anyone ever heard of this play before? It's loosely based on a weekly world news article about winifred coutts being found on an iceberg. i am currently in the show playing winnie and would like to know all i can about her. i have found photos of her sons, but not her. i have found...
  12. I

    Scotland Road A Play In Colorado

    I think it's Colorado anyway. The play is based on the discovery of a woman survivor found alive on an iceberg after 80 years adrift. Yes, yes, I know...... Cheers, Boz
  13. R

    I Invite you to Scotland Road

    Scotland Road by Jeffrey Hatcher A riveting tale of passion, deception and the destiny one man cannot escape. A Woman is found floating on an iceberg in the North Atlantic, John Jacob Astor needs to find out who she really is. Altarena Playhouse Alameda, CA 523-1553 for Reservations
  14. L

    Scotland Road

    Why was Scotland Road so called?