1. A

    Royal Navy Service

    Hi all. Does anyone have a figure for the total number of seamen who had previously served in the Royal Navy/RNR? Of the 50, I only counted 26. Can anyone confirm/modify this? Also, were all members of the Deck Department automatically given a WSL jersey? Thanks.
  2. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Irish girls fought Titanic seamen to get drowning brother in lifeboat

    How 30 young Irish women were saved in the Titanic disaster after burning their straw hats for signals... New York Herald Mon, 29 Apr 1912
  3. William Oakes


    Just an FYI, I am offerring these White Star Line crew T-necks in sizes SM,MED, LRG, XL, & XXL. i am not exagerating when I say that these are beautiful 100% cotton just like the originals. The J Pederman sweaters( used in the 1997 film) are ridiculously pricey... $800 USD and upwards. I'm...
  4. Gaston Sam

    Seamen working stations

    As far as I know, each of the two regular watches of ABs (port and starboard) was split between the stern and forward. Lookouts would, of course, have their station at the crow’s nest. But there were also some extra 7 ABs working as day-hands, and whose watch was from 6 to 5. Thanks to AB...
  5. Cindy B

    Mr. Selby / Concerning the Seaman's Mission

    Greetings to you all! :) First of all - I hope you are all fine and well in health? I have a question on a rather particular matter - and thought that it might be worth a proper discussion. Briefly combing through the message board I couldn't find a suitable contribution in the existing...
  6. Gaston Sam

    Walter Brice

    Not having found any single picture of him, I've been trying to identify him in any crew picture I could find. I ran into this picture shot in the aftermath of the disaster which shows some survivors of the crew: Not all of them are deck crew members, but the first two or four (from left to...
  7. Gaston Sam

    How many seamen are needed to lower a lifeboat to the water?

    It's been stated the time for getting the boats ready and lowering them, but how many emn did it take to lower one single boat into the water, or actually for the whole process of preparing it? Reading testimonies of the AB's, sometimes they mention one man at each boat end's davits, but there...
  8. M

    Seaman with Axe

    Hi, I know it is only film. But near Steward 3 with revolver, That Seaman beat passengers with wooden end of fire axe. He hit them in the face? Or where? If yes How is possible that he not killed any of them?
  9. Michael McGuffin

    Looking for Old Seaman's Discharge Books from early 1900's to early 1930's

    I am looking for any old Seaman's Discharge Books issued from the British Board of Trade from the early 1900's to early 1930's. If anybody out there has any that they want to part with, please contact me here on the forum or at [email protected] Thank you. Michael
  10. J

    William French Able Bodied Seaman

    William French, able bodied seaman was my grandmother's uncle and by all accounts, according to "Sinking of Titanic - Eyewitness Accounts edited by Jay Mowbray p.p.151 152 he and his sailor chum Jack Williams who were interviewed afterwards spoke of witnessing life boats being over filled, men...
  11. R

    Looking for seaman's Titanic hat

    This is my first message here.being lurking for a few days.The best Titanic message board. I am looking for the ones the crew wore they were black with gold letters saying titanic. It dont have to be the "real ones" and also who made the dinner plates,I recall the name Stonies not sure...
  12. J

    Information re able seaman frank henneasey

    I am researching my family tree and Frank Hennessey was my great grandfather. Stories in the family say that he was the lookout when the torpedo hit the ship. My father has his original sailing log books and certificates of discharge. Unfortunately his age varies on each voyage and also the...
  13. R

    Seaman Jones' Letters

    All, Does anyone know anything about the recent sale of Seaman Jones' letters (I assume these were to or from the Countess of Rothes?), the watch the Countess gave him, and the letters of Roberta Maioni, Lady Rothes' maid? The Henry Aldridge Galleries sold these items back in '99. I wonder who...
  14. E

    Able Bodied Seaman

    Being a landlubber, can anyone tell me the difference between a seaman and an Able bodied seaman? What were the duties of an able bodied seaman compaired to those of a seaman? Thanks, Emily