second class passengers

  1. P

    Unanswered Could 2nd class passengers have received gifts in their staterooms when they embarked in Southampton?

    I have heard of first class passengers receiving flowers, but I wondered if second class passengers could have received flowers from loved ones.
  2. Aelvir

    Olympic’s 2nd & 3rd class deck plans?

    I’m trying to build RMS Olympic in a game and I’m following by her late 20s to early 30s build. I have a deck plan reproduction of the first class accommodation but the second and third class aren’t even included. And I haven’t found any deck plans of the third-class accommodation, and I’ve...
  3. Aelvir

    Titanic's 2nd Class Lounge?

    Been looking through the deck plans, but I can't really seem to see the 2nd Class Lounge being listed anywhere on the plans for some reason. Does anybody know what Deck the 2nd Class Lounge is located on?
  4. A

    Jacob Christian Milling

    I was wondering if anyone would be able to point me to where I could possibly find more information on Jacob Christian Milling, a 2nd class Danish passenger who was on his way to Oregon Wisconsin where he had been previously employed?
  5. A

    Denzil John Jarvis

    I am new to this site and hope someone out there may have some information regarding my Great Grandfather, Denzil John Jarvis. He was a second class passenger on the Titanic and as far as I know did not survive. I have done quite a lot of research and have discovered a 7 foot memorial to him in...
  6. C

    Edward H Wheadon

    Greetings, Having recently discovered my great great grandfather, Edward H Wheadon died during the Titanic tragedy, (thankfully after he had bred) my interest has been somewhat stirred up. If anyone has any further information regarding this second class passenger I would be most interested...