second officer lightoller

  1. A

    The Strange Case of Uncle Bertie

    Just brought it, has anyone read it? Can't wait till I get my hands on it, so I can get to know officer lightoller.
  2. Charlene

    Sylvia Lightoller's disability

    I read that Sylvia Lightoller had a club foot , what does his biography say about that? I also read that Her mother fell from a Horse while pregnant and It may has cause the club foot. It was slight or more severe?
  3. H

    Lightoller's relationship w/ his father

    Hey all, So I've read a detailed biography of Lights' father, Fredrick James Lightoller and was wondering how his relationship was with his father. After Fred left for New Zealand with his third wife and eldest daughter, did Lights ever visit him. How did he feel about his step-mothers, Margaret...
  4. J Burdette

    Deck Officers and Instruments

    Does anyone know if any of of the deck officers played musical instruments? I know Lightoller played the banjo (is it still around?).
  5. B

    Lightoller and Wilde

    I'm not sure if this has come up before or not, but I've wondered in the back of my mind if there wasn't some animosity (one sided or mutual) between Lightoller and Wilde? Moreover, what impact would this have had during the ship's evacuation? For example, Lights not once but twice went over...
  6. L


    Does anyone know who currently owns Sundowner? I've a friend who goes down there all the time, and would be interested in getting inside shots, if we can find out where to get permission.
  7. R

    How much was Lightoller thinking of the steerage women & children

    I always wondered what among the many thoughts that ran through Lightoller's mind as he was supervising the loading of disciplined as he was to ensure women & children first, does anyone know if he took any aggressive measures to seek out steerage women after all "deck women" were...