1. LLWH

    Servants' meal menu

    Hi! Does anyone know what the first class passengers' servants ate? I know they were in the maids and valet's saloon on C deck, but what did they eat there? Was it probably just the same as the second class or (maybe? probably unlikely) third class menu? Any other info about the servants' meals...
  2. LLWH

    Nannies and maids

    Hello! I'm in the research stage of a novel (time travel, should be fun!) and was hoping to find out some practical details of what life on the Titanic would have been like for a personal maid of a first class lady. I've seen on here that they ate in the maid & valet saloon and (if they were...
  3. R

    Would you have to open and close your own porthole?

    Hi everyone, If you were a First class passenger, would you have had to open your own porthole for fresh air? Or would some passengers expect a steward/stewardess to do this for them? I can imagine this possibly happening in the stateroom suites but would it have been too much of an ask if...
  4. M

    Sarah Daniels

    does any one know what became of sarah daniels after the disaster, like if she married and had children and when she died? thanks
  5. M

    Ladies Maids and Valets

    What was the attitude towards Ladies Maids and Valets aboard ship? Because their tickets were paid for, what restrictions applied to them on board? I imagine that these passenger would never dare frequenting the first class passengers public rooms, not if they wanted to keep their positions...
  6. M

    Berthe LeRoy

    Berthe LeRoy was Mahala Douglas' (Mrs. Walter Donald Douglas) French maid. ET doesn't seem to have much on her. Did she follow Mrs. Douglas to Minnesota and California? Mike Herbold
  7. Mike

    Bruce Ismay's Servants

    Did Bruce Ismay ever give any account of the whereabouts of his servants, Wm. Harrison and John Richard Fry, during the sinking? It's hard to imagine him climbing into collapsible boat C and leaving his employees behind on deck, especially since Mr. Fry had a wife and children at home. Was he...
  8. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Richard Thomas Fry