sinking theories

  1. Jack Ashford

    Attempting to map out when passengers entered the water

    There are three main events that forced or prompted people into the water. I'm trying to determine when most people entered the water and what they faced. As we know, around 1500 people died. It's hard to say exactly, but let's say 1000 of them made it on to the deck (debatable). 1. The...
  2. Ryan H

    Principe de Asturias sunk 1916

    Since everyone is talking about this ship on Discord. I had started to make a new thread for anyone to talk about the ship. Feel free to add things like theories of how did it sank in the ocean, deskplan of the ship and the history of the ship. I had made my theory of how did the ship sank and...
  3. Dr. Wacky

    Underwater break up/detachment

    Bill Lang said the ship could have broke up underwater in the 2016 documentary, "Drain the Titanic." Thus wouldn't be the first time and underwater detachment was thought up. In the 1999 documentary "Answers of the abyss." Connecting the 20 years later documentary findings and survivor accounts...
  4. Werepug

    C-Deck Forward First Class Corridors/Cabins Flooding

    Hello Titanic Community! There is something about C-Deck flooding that I have never quite understood, first I will summarize my question and then I'll explain what I thought about it. Question: - How did the corridors of the forward First Class Cabins in C-Deck flood (I mean those forward of...
  5. Arun Vajpey

    Titanic's stern did not implode.

    I find the conjecture that the sinking stern of the Titanic 'imploded' soon after sinking rather difficult to comprehend, particularly in relation to the sinking stern. Why would the air pockets "burst inwards"? I am a retired scuba diver and have visited over 25 ship wrecks around the world...
  6. chrismireya

    NY Times article (1997): "Toppling Theories, Scientists Find 6 Slits, Not Big Gash, Sank Titanic" I was searching for an article explaining how scientists determined that smaller "slits" -- and not a long gash -- doomed Titanic. This one from April 1997 is very interesting!

    Why did the stern trap so much air? And other questions

    Why did the stern trap so much air? I know I might of asked this before, but I just have to know. Also.. Why did the bow dig into the floor of the ocean.. while on the topic of the bow, why did the hatch on the forecastle deck blow off?
  8. H

    The halting of Titanic's sinking

    Hello all, One thing has puzzled me about Titanic's sinking process for a while now. That being, the rate of the sinking. For the first 40 minutes after the collision, Titanic experienced an incredible rate of flooding in the forward 5 compartments. The flooding was so fast, in fact, that AB...
  9. A

    Titanic Bursting at the Seams

    Did the Titanic literally fall apart at the seams? The hull seams to have stripped off at the bottom quite significantly on the port side. ....and stripped away from the bottom on the starboard side as well. Here is a photo of the Olympic's bottom. Does anyone know what these are...
  10. sir john adams

    Bodily or steep?

    My question is . If the ship sank more Bodily Or Steeply And how would each version of this effect the ship . flooding .the evacuation .and how it would look to survivors in the waters
  11. Millerpsc

    Discrepancies in survivors' accounts of the breakup

    Hey, I'm new to the forum and have joined because of a lingering question I have had lately and have not been able to find any information on. Question is: Why was the account of the breakup so different between survivors? For instance Lightoller adamantly claiming that the ship sank intact...
  12. G

    Titanic: The New Evidence

    I've been a lurker here for a long time. Currently watching this documentary on Channel 4 here in the U.K. I don't know what to make of this at all. Anyone else watching or planning to watch this?