1. Zirnitra

    question about circuit breakers during sinking.

    i have 3 big questions about electrical system function after collision. 1. what caused the breakers tripping so forward boiler rooms were engulfed in darkness? how they solved this problem? did power go out in few/couple cabins aswel at time of the boiler rooms losing lights?. 2. did...
  2. T

    Grand Bank sinking?

    Here is something that I thought about today. Think about what we know now about how the Titanic sank and apply it to a different spot where it struck the iceberg. If the Titanic sank about 80-100 miles north of where it actually sank it would have sunk in a section of the North Atlantic called...
  3. L

    Sinking of SS Oria, 12 February 1944

    Today is the 80th anniversary of the sinking of the Oria, the greatest maritime disaster to have ever occurred in the Mediterranean Sea, and one of the greatest maritime disasters in history - yet almost completely forgotten outside of the country that was directly affected. Oria was a smallish...
  4. taalvolcano1754

    Britannic Sinking Account Compilation

    It's just what the title says. I have compiled every account of Britannic's sinking I could find, including some I believe have not been published. It took a lot of searching through online newspaper archives to find those! My ultimate goal is to compile source material (from official documents...
  5. minhong

    Fireman injured by the steam from the boiler

    As you know, hot steam is very dangerous. Exposure to it can cause permanent damage, including burns. Maybe that's why I remember the steam exposed fireman depicted in the titanic films. Was anyone actually hurt like that? *i used a translator Titanic(1997) s.o.s. titanic(1979)
  6. Duck_Dur

    Did the car survive?

    Hello, Out of curiosity, did Billy Carter’s Renault car survive? I presume it should have because unlike other areas of the ship, the cargo holds and the boiler rooms had a “slow flooding affect” just like the Turkish Baths (if it had a “fast flooding affect” I would presume the items would have...
  7. Sarah S

    Psychic/spiritual stances on the sinking

    Hello everyone, Have any survivors ever believed this disaster was an act of God or were there those who rejected rational reasoning for this fatal outcome? Like were there survivors who believed in a „supernatural“ connection regarding the Titanic? I know Lightoller himself owed his own...
  8. Encyclopedia Titanica

    The possible role of fire in the sinking of the Titanic

    Structural response of a steel bulkhead subjected to localised heating... Titanica! Mon, 17 Jul 2023 This paper reports research to investigate the theory that a fire in the Titanic's coal bunker could had weakened a steel bulkhead accelerating the sinking...
  9. Duck_Dur

    Harland and Wolff response to the sinking

    Hello, Does anyone know what Harland and Wolff do after the news of the sinking reached Belfast. I understand that they closed the shipyard for the day but I presume more things would have been done to remember the sinking
  10. K

    Lusitania escort

    When Lusitania was scheduled to arrive in Liverpool on 6 March 1915, Trade Division signalled Lusitania at Cunard’s request, relaying: ,”Owners advise keep well out. Time arrival to cross bar without waiting.” Admiral Henry Oliver also sent two destroyers, HMS Laverock and HMS Louis to...
  11. S

    How long was Titanic venting steam?

    For some period of time during the sinking, Titanic had to vent the excess steam that had built up in her boilers. The sound of the steam being vented was quite loud, so loud that the wireless operators were unable to make out the messages they were receiving. This leads me to ask: how long was...
  12. Sarah S

    Survivors who spread lies?

    Hello everyone, Are there any titanic survivors who intentionally spread lies about the sinking or their survival? I hope this question doesn’t come off disrespectful because I know all of them must have been immensly traumatized, but I have seen so many differing reports or unbelievable...
  13. Jason D. Tiller

    Titanic Sinking Animation in Unreal Engine 5

    Here's a test of Titanic's stern sinking for a new game called Titanic: Echoes of the Deep, which recently came up in my feed: It looks good so far.
  14. drtheglob

    Sinking simulation videos never depict the alleged 'big dip' that occurred a bit before the breakup

    - Second Officer Charles Lightoller So the ship lurched forward/down so dramatically that it was enough to drown many people all at once. Yet it's hardly a noticeable event on virtually all of the sinking simulation videos. Why? I recently asked someone this actual event. Supposedly this was...
  15. P

    Sinking incidents before the Titanic and how they may have influenced the Titanic evacuation

    The actions and decisions of the Titanic Captain, Officers and crew that night might be judged in the context of previous sinkings, particularly the SS Arctic in 1854, which sank after a collision with another ship. Coincidentally, the Arctic was the luxury liner of its day which sank in...
  16. Jason D. Tiller

    News James Cameron Admits He Got the Sinking of the Titanic 'Sort of Half Right' in 1997 Blockbuster

    James Cameron has been on a decades-long mission to determine how accurately his 1997 film Titanic depicted the sinking of the actual RMS Titanic — and he's found Titanic was "wrong on one point or the other."...
  17. I'd Hit That

    Question Sinking with boats unlaunched

    If she sank with all lifeboats unlaunched, any chance any would break free, ascend to the surface uncapsized & remain seaworthy like the Andrea Doria? Just wondering overall; perhaps the collapsibles should have been launched first...Understand the Andrea Doria was built about 40 years later...
  18. D

    My Titanic break up theory and stern sinking

    My Theory Of Titanic's Break up is that after Titanic lights shut off Began break on the starboard/right side slowly during this process listing to Port a few more degrees it was before titanic broke up then the Third full collapses damage smashing into the boat deck and the fourth funnel does...
  19. Cam Houseman

    Do we know what speeds Bartlett gave for the Port and starboard engines during the sinking?

    Was reading that Capt. Bartlett ordered for the portside engine to be driven at a higher speed than the starboard (due to the list to starboard). But do know what specific speeds they were? Thanks!
  20. N Alison

    Best Books on Sinking that are not Titanic

    I recently read a few other books on sinkings, The Last Voyage of the Andrea Doria and two books on the Lusitania: Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania and Lusitania: Triumph, Tragedy and the End of the Edwardian Age. I was wondering what other good books on famous sinkings are out...