1. Cam Houseman

    Captain Henry Kendall’s actions

    So I enjoy branching out to other ships. Watched an Empress of Ireland documentary a couple months back, watched it again last night. It was “The Last Voyage of the Empress of Ireland” I think. I really enjoyed it! One thing that interested me was the collision between the Storstad and the...
  2. chrismireya

    Anatomy of the Iceberg

    I was searching through the Encyclopedia Titanica forums for a thread that dealt specifically with what we know of the Titanic iceberg itself. Unfortunately, I haven't found one that focused entirely upon the anatomy of that iceberg. There are posts/threads about the various photographs which...
  3. Cam Houseman

    Was the Hull near G-Deck damaged?

    Was the Hull near G-Deck, (for example, the Mail Room) damaged in the collision? As soon, or immediately after, the Mail Room was reported to be flooding, and as we know, the Mail Clerks began to try to drag the mailbags up to Higher Ground. Being the closest Deck to the top of the waterline...
  4. chrismireya

    How crowded were Titanic's decks?

    The RMS Titanic set sail with an estimated 2,224 passengers. The ship itself was 882.75 feet long and had a maximum breadth of 92.5 feet. While it was less than 63% of its maximum capacity on this maiden voyage, it would still have been very crowded if everyone decided to stroll upon the deck at...
  5. Pac0master

    2D Physics simulation, (Almost real time)

    Hey folks, I haven't been here for quite some time now and I thought some of you would like to see this video I've made last month This is a Timelapse of a livestream where I attempted to sink the Titanic as close as possible to real time. It ended up taking 2h30min instead of 40 Quick...
  6. A


    Hello, guys Some testimonies, such as the one given by Caroline Bonnel, suggested that the ship was quite hog-backed at a relatively shallow angle. We all know that the whole ship had a list to port of at least 10 degrees when the bridge went under. When the top deck of a ship starts to get...
  7. Jessie M.

    Damage Above Water

    So one thing I was actually curious about when it comes to the disaster is the actual damage to the ship... throughout the sinking. I (and I'm sure plenty of you guys as well) have seen a butt ton of forensics as the two halves of the ship sank to the sea floor - but I'd like to know about the...
  8. Itsstillthinking

    Titanic's Forensic Analysis Collection

    The following document is the first attempt to gather all of the forensic analysis done about the Titanic over the past twenty years into one place, with the data being easy to read and usable for portrayals of the sinking. It covers the major papers dating back to 1996 right to the final one...
  9. H

    Titanic And Other Ships In Virtual Sailor And Vehicle Simulator

    Virtual Sailor and Vehicle Simulator are two video games made and updated since 1999 that allow you to pilot / sail all kinds of ships including very recently the Titanic, Olympic, Britannic, Carpathia and other famous ocean-liners and ships. Kyle Hudak (of Titanic: Honor & Glory fame) is known...
  10. M

    Comprehensive research of the mirage theory

    Hello, after a few months of an extensive research I published the first two of the four part series on Titanic's mirage theory. My articles are now now available online free of charge.
  11. M

    Telling the Passengers and Crew Immediately

    I've always found one of the the most powerful scenes in the 97 film is when Thomas Andrews shortly after reporting to the bridge crew and Ismay that 'No matter what you do Titanic will flounder' is walking through the Grand Staircase still in shock. Rose pulls him aside and he admits to her...
  12. Itsstillthinking

    Lusitania Sinking/Lifeboat Timeline

    This is my current timeline, if anyone has extra tidbits or info for lifeboats it would be much appreciated if you could share anything with - is what happened at that time, anything in between the time stamps happened during those time intervals but exact times are unknown 2:10:00 - Torpedo...
  13. Itsstillthinking

    For Those Wanting Different Titanic Sinking Angles

    So i thought id put this in its own topic, i am now taking requests for those who want different angles of the sinking from impact to the Stern leaving the surface. It wont be graphically pretty but they will be like the the requests i took in the other topic, i doubt i will be able to do...
  14. LukeW17

    Sinking angle/funnels falling

    Hi everyone new here but been interested in Titanic for a long time. I have been doing a lot of research lately into the ship and the sinking but there is always contradicting facts that always seem to crop up and I’d like good confirmation about them, if possible. Firstly, were all four...
  15. H

    Could Titanic Still Sink With 4 Compartments Flooded?

    A "What If" scenario... It's aways been stated that Titanic could stay afloat with any 4 compartments and had the iceberg only breached the front 4, she would have floated and the only damage would be some lost Cargo and some very angry 3rd Class Passengers and Crew. However, would the weight...
  16. H

    Titanic Sinking: Could A Virgin Perspective Solve the Mystery + Are we unintentionally Biased?

    I not to sure how to explain this but here we go... I been thinking what would happen if we got people who never heard of Titanic to determine the sinking: My hypnosis, is that if we got together a bunch of experts in ship structure who had never heard anything about the ship or seen any...
  17. H

    3D Printed 1/72 Titanic: Sinking Test and possible results?

    For the past several months, BernCo Models has been 3D Printing a scaled model of the Titanic after several attempts at Kickstarter and testing. The model measures 3.7 Meters long, has been weighted for ballast with cement now weighing 200kg and is RC Controlled. Photo of Model Titanic (taken...
  18. Severin Vogt

    What happened to Britannic's smokestacks?

    I know that on the sinking of the Titanic, in the end, the smokestacks all toppled off when it sank. But what about the Britannic? Did her smokestacks fall off too? It one video on YouTube (HMHS BRITANNIC SINKS - REAL TIME DOCUMENTARY), it has at the end that all the Britannic's smokestacks fall...
  19. Jack Lindop

    Burning questions?

    Hello, I have two burning questions about the Empress. 1. What colour was the hull? Some pictures show it as green but some show it as red. 2. Did the ship sink stern first or bow first? Some paintings show it sinking stern first.
  20. W

    Need Source Help With A Level Coursework; Any Advice Much Appreciated!

    Hi all! I'll be undertaking my A-Level history coursework this March, the objective of which is to tackle a controversial subject (IE: Titanic's foundering - in which I am well versed), bring forth conflicted views on the causes, and form my own opinion. I've got 10 years of general research...