1. W

    Need Source Help With A Level Coursework; Any Advice Much Appreciated!

    Hi all! I'll be undertaking my A-Level history coursework this March, the objective of which is to tackle a controversial subject (IE: Titanic's foundering - in which I am well versed), bring forth conflicted views on the causes, and form my own opinion. I've got 10 years of general research...
  2. Charles

    What happened to the boatswain mate after he opened the D Deck door?

    Ok, for this month the question is, what do you think happened to the boatswain mate after he opened the D Deck door.
  3. Charles

    D Deck Candelabra Artifact/ Recovered?

    Hey , I just wanted to know , since the cherub in the grand staircase was recovered , how about the candelabra on D Deck? Was it recovered , or is it still in the reception room wreck , waiting to be found?
  4. G

    Did Lifeboat 4 really go back to the site of the sinking?

    Greetings, everyone. I hope I'm not repeating a question that was already posted, and no one finds the nature of it too weird, but I wanted to know the answer to that. From what I have read in posts around here, it seems that Lifeboat 4 went back to the place where the Titanic sank...
  5. Yourj Benig

    D Deck Flooding Detail?

    When did the D- deck forward cabins and D- deck Grand Staircase floods......... I'm curious about the time when the D - deck Staircase had been flooded....... Do the Lifeboat 13 and 15 had already gone when this part of the ship floods...???
  6. J

    Lusitania sinking anniversary 2015

    I see the anniversary of Lusitania's sinking is coming up in 3 years. Do you think it'll have the level of media culture frenzy that Titanic is currently having?