smoking room

  1. JvMartin

    Smoking Room Window Panels

    Does anyone knows the name of the paintings from the First Class Smoking Room glass panels?
  2. Matthew Chapman

    2nd class Smoke Room cubbies

    Can anyone enlighten me as to these "confession booth" looking additions flanking the central seating booths in the 2nd class smoke room? On the deck plans, they appear to be doors leading into a tiny recess, but I can't find more information on it.
  3. Uomiuo

    Architectural styles of 1st and 2nd class spaces

    Recently, I've become interested in the use of different "styles" to convey different atmospheres within the upper-class spaces of the RMS Titanic. However, it's difficult finding reliable sources on which style each room conveyed. and even more so information on the styles themselves. Are...
  4. Jessie M.

    The Breakup from the Inside Out

    So I don't know if they've got an account on here or not, but the Gentlemen who are currently working on Titanic: Honor and Glory have actually created quite a few tear jerking shorts (Some of which I know for a fact are spread around here). One of their Shorts, titled Belfast Air , has got me...
  5. E

    More Trivia For You...

    Reproductions of ashtrays from the Titanic are absent from the artifacts reproductions sales. Does this mean no one smoked on the Titanic (LOL), or is political correctness now manipulating history for our own good.
  6. N

    The Smoking Room Chandelier

    In the Cincinnati exhibit there is a chandelier, said to be from the first class smoking room. While it does match stylistically to those seen in pictures (which I believe are all from Olympic) the number of sockets does not match. The one in the exhibit has five while the ones in the pictures...
  7. Hitch

    Painted windows of the smokingroom

    Sorry if this question has been answered before but can anyone tell me: "What was shown on the painted windows of the smoking-room?" EDIT: And douse anyone maby know if the fireplace was in marmer. Thank you.
  8. T

    Gambling on the Titanic

    Could anyone tell me if there was gambling on the Titanic? thanks so much!