1. Swim to the Star

    Swim to the Star

    Peggy Seeger and Calum MacColl
  2. J

    Songs and Music

    What songs would have been sung board Titanic during her voyage? I know the First Class had a songbook with more than 350 songs, (if anyone knows them, please post a list of them, thanks :) ), but would an sea shanties have been sung either by the passengers or crew? Here's two of my favourite...
  3. Ellie Stevenson

    The best Titanic music ever?

    I recently wrote a post for the Undercover Soundtrack on how music can inspire a novel (Ship of Haunts: the other Titanic story). On the site, authors talk about the particular music that has influenced their work. One of my tracks is Songe d'Automne - a particular arrangement by Rob Astor...
  4. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Titanic Songbook
  5. J

    Look Out! Southampton's Titanic Story In Song

    As a lifelong resident of Southampton, myself and two other local songwriters thought it appropriate a couple of years ago to create a respectful tribute to the hundreds of local Titanic crew who died in the sinking. So in April 2010, St Michaels Church in the city saw the first performance of...
  6. D

    Steerage Party Song

    Hi- Forgive me if this refers to the Barbara Stanwyck Titanic Movie- I know it was either that one or ANTR- An Irishman is singing the lead, and as hes singing he spots a young eastern European girl who takes his fancy- The last line of the song is "We're Off to Philadelphia in the Morning!"...
  7. Shelley Dziedzic

    Titanic in Song

    Hope this may be a good repository for all things musical and Titanic. Last I heard there were over 317 Titanic tunes ranging from folk, ballad, "tearjerker"- waltzes, soundtracks from films, regional and ethnic-based compositions,musicals and Broadway productions, pop, and blues. Shall we get...
  8. W

    Stokers' Songs

    Hi Folks, I'm brand new to this board. I'm writing a novel based on the Titanic. I'm trying to find out what songs the stokers on board Titanic would likely have sung. Any ideas, tips or info out there? Thanks, Woody
  9. R

    The songs played in A Night To Remember

    Apart from "The Blue Danube", I'm tone deaf as to what the band is playing in "A Night To Remember." Anybody know what the tunes are? Thanks! Richard K.