south western hotel

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    Eve of Titanic Maiden Voyage: Events in South Western Hotel 9 April 1912

    Has anyone any information about the events in the South Western Hotel, Southampton on 9 April 1912? We know that J Bruce Ismay with his family, Thomas Andrews and the ships guarantee group (a total of 9 White Star Line staff I believe) stayed at the hotel on the night before the maiden voyage...
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    South Western Hotel

    I am looking for photographs of South Western Hotel as it looked when Thomas Andrews stayed there. Anything that might show what the inside of the hotel looked like.
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    South Western Hotel Southampton

    The hotel overlooking the White Star dock in Southampton, used by many first class passengers, including Ismay and Thomas Andrews the night before Titanic sailed Genuine, vintage real photo postcard, mailed in Southampton in 1911, now on eBay item=6144412302
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    South Western Hotel in Southhampton

    Can anyone tell me anything about the South Western Hotel? I know it was across from the docks, and that both Ismay and Andrews were staying there before the ship sailed. I've seen one picture of the hotel (on this site) and I'm wondering what the inside looked like. Thanks Chris