1. Still after the Southampton incident.png

    Still after the Southampton incident.png

  2. S

    John Boyd-1st Class Saloon Steward

    I am looking into my family and we know very little about my Great Grandfather John Boyd apart from what is already on ET. We are trying to find photos or any connections with other Saloon Stewards. We have already made 1 connection and really want to try and find out about more, ideally a photo...
  3. B-rad

    Trip to England

    The wife and I will be going to England and visiting Liverpool, London and Southampton later this year, I want to see if anyone has ideals of places to see or go Titanic related, and what's the best way to go about seeing the sites. The more I can plan ahead the better. If anyone lives in those...
  4. J

    Titanic's Whistles

    How far away could the ships whistle be heard in Southhampton? 11? 15? Did they really break windows nearby?
  5. H

    Person spotted on Titanic's First Funnel?

    While the unknown stoker seen atop Titanic's 4th funnel in Queenstown has been seen and commented on dozens of times, there has been other reported stories of stokers watching the SS New York nearly colliding with Titanic from one of her forward funnels (as reported in "Titanic Voices: Memories...
  6. B

    Olympic after the Hawke collision.

    I'm working on a timeline of Olympic's career, but can't figure out the dates of a few events. I was wondering if anyone here could help me. I can't figure out when Olympic left Southampton for Belfast and when she arrived there, and can't figure when she left Belfast and arrived back in...
  7. H

    Name of Pilot Boat: Southampton or Isle of Wight

    A bit of a trivial question but I need to confirm /find out.... Does anyone know the name of this pilot boat (If it is a pilot boat), where George Bowyer disembark aboard the Titanic and if so, did this boat came from Southampton or the Isle of wright? I heard a rumour the boat's called the...
  8. Jim Currie

    Titanic at Southampton

    I have a theory about the following exchange between Titanic's 5th Officer Lowe and Senator Smith on Day 5 of the US Inquiry. Read it carefully. Has anyone else any ideas about what he was telling the senator and subsequent researchers? Senator SMITH.:You reached Southampton on Thursday...
  9. J

    Justin Zimmerman, The Titanic of Southampton

    Personal website. The Titanic of Southampton available for free here: bricker-down productions The DVD, with 40 minutes of extras, can be found here: Bricker-Down Productions by BrickerDown
  10. R

    102nd Anniversary TITANIC Events In Southampton UK This April

    How many members will be visiting Southampton for TITANIC's 102nd Anniversary? I am the playwright/producer of 41N 50W based on the 1912 TITANIC US Senate Hearings which will open for 10 performances at SeaCity Museum in Southampton April 10th and play through the 19th. There is also the...
  11. D

    Titanic & Southampton

    Our Titanic mini-site about Southampton can be found at and there's an iPad app at Titanic - The Southampton Story for iPad on the iTunes App Store too. :)
  12. J

    The Titanic of Southampton - brand new film and get it HERE FIRST

    2012 will mark the release of a new Titanic documentary, the Titanic of Southampton. Kimberly R. Zimmerman - executive producer - is allowing the release of a small number through Kickstarter for charity, paired with tile work based on Titanic designs and created with the help of developmentally...
  13. J

    Look Out! Southampton's Titanic Story In Song

    As a lifelong resident of Southampton, myself and two other local songwriters thought it appropriate a couple of years ago to create a respectful tribute to the hundreds of local Titanic crew who died in the sinking. So in April 2010, St Michaels Church in the city saw the first performance of...
  14. B

    Graves of Fleet and Hemming in Hollybrook Soton

    I noticed someone researching and posting the graves of crew members a while ago, I've just been up to the Hollybrook cemetery on tremona road looking for my Great-Grandparents site. As I was there I shot the two well known titanic graves.