1. chrismireya

    Did Titanic experience any angular shift when it turned hard to starboard/port?

    Did Titanic experience any roll/loll when it turned hard to starboard/port? If Titanic was at or near top velocity prior to sighting of the iceberg, is it possible that it experience any yawning or rolling during the emergency "hard to starboard" maneuver? The reason that I ask is that so many...
  2. Jim Currie

    Titanic Engine running time from Noon on April 14th.

    The number of hours which Titanic's engines were running at full speed from Noon on April 14 to the moment she hit that iceberg and finally came to a halt is crucial to the understanding of Titanic's naviagtion errors i.e. why her wreck was found 12.5 miles short of her distress position. So...