1. William Oakes

    Optimal speed to avoid collision

    If this has been asked before, please forgive my question. I have seen many computer models that calculate flooding and sinking, and break-up. Has anyone ever done a computer simulation/model to calculate the top speed Titanic could travel at, and still have time once the berg was sited, to make...
  2. chrismireya

    Did Titanic experience any angular shift when it turned hard to starboard/port?

    Did Titanic experience any roll/loll when it turned hard to starboard/port? If Titanic was at or near top velocity prior to sighting of the iceberg, is it possible that it experience any yawning or rolling during the emergency "hard to starboard" maneuver? The reason that I ask is that so many...
  3. Rancor

    Firetube vs Watertube boilers and full speed

    Dear all, Got a couple of quick questions for the brainstrust. 1) Why did the Olympic Class use firetube boilers and not watertube? Watertube boilers had been around since the late 1800s and were well established in warships. Was the cost vs performance just not worth it? 2) I have been...
  4. A

    Reducing Speed in Foggy Conditions

    According to 4th officer Boxhall the weather was foggy during the night for about 4 hours when they sailed from Belfast to Southampton, but I can't find any testimony that the ship slowed down, and according to Mr. Ismay there was fog again one evening for about 10 minutes but still no mention...
  5. A

    Port Engine Going Full Speed Astern

    Immediately after the collision 4th officer Boxhall said he overheard Murdoch telling the Captain "I'm going full speed astern sir on the port engine." Curious to know if this was normal practice during an emergency and why Boxhall said that? According to QM Olliver the helm order was "Hard...
  6. A

    During the collision - "We could feel her slackening speed"

    I keep finding survivor accounts which state the Titanic was already slowing down rapidly before the iceberg had passed the stern and when they looked over the side and saw the iceberg they noticed the ship was moving very slowly as it passed by and was almost stopped. At first I thought the...
  7. M

    Reducing speed in ice

    In 1894, Henry Parsell, commander of White Star's then-flagship Majestic I, testified before a joint Board of Trade/Admiralty committee on floating derelicts. In a brief diversion from derelicts, the following exchange took place: 666. Have you ever struck ice when your vessels crossed?---No...
  8. Encyclopedia Titanica

    The Titanic Disaster, Due to Excessive Speed

  9. W

    Resistance vs. Speed

    Does anyone know of published tabulated values or a curve showing resistance (or power) vs. speed for the Olympic class. I'd particularly love figures that separate frictional and residual resistance.
  10. Jonathan Granato

    Speed After Collision

    A year ago I took an acquaintance out for a measure of single malt Scotch whisky. I'd never met him before. We touched on the Titanic and he told me that there was new evidence, sworn testimony that Ismay ordered Capt. Smith to proceed 'full speed ahead' after the collision, wh. was the real...
  11. A

    Could RMMV Oceanic III have won the Blue Riband?

    Hello everyone, In my view, I see the Oceanic III as the ultimate WSL liner, combining the diesel propulsion of the MV Britannic/Georgic along with the spaciousness of the RMS Majestic, the largest vessel operated by White Star Line ever. Just a question I want to ask that has been...
  12. E

    Top speed

    If I remember correctly, in 'Titanic & other ships' Lightoller wrote that after a couple of years of operation the Titanic could develop a much more rapid speed than the one with which they were going at night of 14/15 April... But how much more rapid, is it possible to suppose (theoretically)...
  13. A

    Hulls and speed potential

    I don't know if you guys could help me out on this question, but here goes: Say I wanted to design a fast ocean liner. Would it be better to use the minimum waterline length required for maximum speed or should I lengthen the hull for greater speed potential with greater efficiency...
  14. Jim Currie

    Titanic Engine running time from Noon on April 14th.

    The number of hours which Titanic's engines were running at full speed from Noon on April 14 to the moment she hit that iceberg and finally came to a halt is crucial to the understanding of Titanic's naviagtion errors i.e. why her wreck was found 12.5 miles short of her distress position. So...
  15. R

    Bremen and Europa German Speed Queens of the Atlantic

    I'm a newbie here (I've been a lurker for some time) and thought folks might be interested in knowing that I have a brand new book out about Bremen and Europa. 200 pages, about 350 photos, three chapters on interiors, colour chapter on memorabilia, etc. If you're interested, there is a site for...
  16. K

    Speed Queen

    The ol' gal has still got it in her... A recent posting from on-board by a world-cruise blogger is that QE2 was up to a speed of 31.6 knots. Damn fine news!
  17. R

    Speed and Revolutions

    Hi Samuel I have just read your article on "Speed and Revolutions". Quite an interesting article. There were two source citations that I was curious about. One was the "Harland & Wolff (H&W) Drawing Office Notebook for the Olympic". If you don't mind me asking, where did you manage to find...
  18. M

    Study suggests Navy speed up sub work

    From the Pilot OnLine: Study suggests Navy speed up sub work Story at http://content.hamptonroads.com/story.cfm?story=124191&ran=20473 Comment: Probably one of the great ironies of our time is that even with computer aided design tools to speed things up, it takes literally decades to...
  19. K

    Was speed to blame?

    It seems to me that had Bruce Ismay not pressured Capt. Smith into lighting more boilers, the Titanic would have been able to turn quicker once she had encountered the iceberg. With traveling at such a high speed, by the time the lookouts saw the iceberg, she was practically hitting it!! thanks...
  20. M


    I really didn't know where to put this question. How would I go about converting knots into MPH? Like say, what would 1 MPH be converted to in nautical knots (sp?) Titanic was, if I'm not mistaken, considered to be a 21-22 knot ship. So if it were travelling at 22 knots when it hit the...