1. D

    Banana Peel Theory- Fact or Myth?

    There is a lot of question over if the so called "Banana Peel Theory" is possible. In my opinion, I think it is unlikely as steel cannot behave like shoe leather, but I want to know what you all think. -James
  2. A

    Titanic Bursting at the Seams

    Did the Titanic literally fall apart at the seams? The hull seams to have stripped off at the bottom quite significantly on the port side. ....and stripped away from the bottom on the starboard side as well. Here is a photo of the Olympic's bottom. Does anyone know what these are...
  3. Kyle Naber

    Grand Staircase

    Over the years, there has been much debate over the drawings illustrated inspired by survivor Jack Thayer. I'm sure everyone here has seen the infamous drawings, so I won't bother to include them. In the fourth drawing, the bow is shown above the water along with the stern, and the middle is...
  4. Kyle Naber

    V Break Theory

    Popular opinion of the breakup of Titanic is that the bow sunk until the forward funnel collapsed and then it split just in front of the third funnel. However, this video recreates the survivor accounts that suggest otherwise: youtube:CsaDyavJo1U Because of the at least six...
  5. Doug Criner

    Financial significance whether Titanic split in two

    It seems that company witnesses in the U.S. and British inquiries insisted the the ship didn't or couldn't have split in two - although at odds with some other eye witnesses. (Of course, now we know that it did split in two.) Would there have been any difference in the financial or claims...
  6. T

    Split in the aft section of wreck

    I looked through previous threads to see if this was covered and did not find such. The split in the hull towards the back of the wreck, could such have contributed to the ship's quick rate of descent? Is such similar to where the break up of Titanic occurred? The bow of the Lusitania I believe...
  7. D

    Stupid question regarding stern split

    OK - only my second post (and probably a really dumb one)... If Titanic split apart on the surface (splitting apart like a toilet roll being bent, rather than a top-down split), and the bow then broke off while the stern was still fairly unflooded and bouyant, when the stern settled back...
  8. J

    The "SPLIT" Physics

    Hi All, I'm currently researching into my AS Physics Coursework about steel, so in my 20min presentation i thought that I could do several case studies (i'm already examining the collapse of the WTC) and what better than the break-up of Titanic. So i was wondering if anyone had the physical...
  9. D

    Did Thomas Andrews know the ship would split?

    Im just curious , after Andrews predicted the ship would founder and working out how long she would last ect.Would of he have ever thought or known that the ship would break in half?.Maybe he knew and kept it to himself? or maybe he never thought that would happen.What do others think on...