1. Doe

    Staff Rooms

    Hi, me again. Does anyone know if there were separate rooms for members of staff? I know the officers had their own quarters, but were staff such as people who worked in the boiler room and people that worked in the restaurants kept separate? On the plans for the ship, I saw that there were four...
  2. Doe

    Staff Entrance

    Does anyone know if there was a specific staff entrance that staff would use instead of passenger entrances? It's such a minor detail but it's been aggravating me. And if so, were there like specific entrances that staff used? One for, say, the officers or the people who worked in the boiler room?
  3. A

    Cabins and berths

    What deck and cabins did the kitchen crew stay in? How far were they from their work areas? Who were the female staff (if any). Thanks---Ann