1. W

    Info on C Deck

    Hi everyone! My name is Carla Trueheart and I'm a published author and English professor. My latest manuscript revolves around Titanic, and while it's not historical fiction, I'm hoping to replicate the ship as best I can in the book. I'm a lifelong fan of Titanic and have many print books for...
  2. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Olympic & Titanic : Passenger Accommodation

    FULL advantage has been taken of the great size of the Olympic and Titanic to provide passenger accommodation of unrivalled extent and magnificence. As will beseen from the deck plans reproduced in Plates III. IV. and V. the arrangement has been most carefully considered from all points of view...
  3. Uomiuo

    Architectural styles of 1st and 2nd class spaces

    Recently, I've become interested in the use of different "styles" to convey different atmospheres within the upper-class spaces of the RMS Titanic. However, it's difficult finding reliable sources on which style each room conveyed. and even more so information on the styles themselves. Are...
  4. Mike Colclough

    Third Class Toilets

    A google search for Titanic's third class staterooms produces images of what looks like a bunk room with a water fixture at one end. Its height suggests "toilet" but it looks more like a sink. Were they one in the same in 1912? Did these shared bunk rooms actually have open toilets at one end...