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    Answered Why does the Titanic's Stern look like it exploded

    i never thought of it, but someone said that titanic's stern blew up because of something.
  2. ShinGoji (Kiefer)

    George Symons' "Top-Cant"?

    Personally, I myself believe the meaning of "Top-Cant" is a sudden jolting/moving of the stern upwards after the break-up settling then after again, before taking it's final plunge, Just like Roy Mengot's break-up that also shows the stern being violently pulled upwards via B-deck (Strength...
  3. Cam Houseman

    Second Class Dining Saloon Tile on the Stern

    Hi Y'all! I found a Second Class Dining Saloon Tile, lying on the Second Class Entrance of the Stern. (Located in the NOAA 2003 Footage) Good eye, huh? I'm the First to spot it!! :D
  4. Stern imploding.mp4

    Stern imploding.mp4

  5. Rudder


  6. Arun Vajpey

    Titanic's stern did not implode.

    I find the conjecture that the sinking stern of the Titanic 'imploded' soon after sinking rather difficult to comprehend, particularly in relation to the sinking stern. Why would the air pockets "burst inwards"? I am a retired scuba diver and have visited over 25 ship wrecks around the world...
  7. Alexander Dempsey

    What if Titanic's Stern Stayed Afloat?

    So I'm wondering what you guys think would have happened if the stern somehow manage to stay afloat. I for onw think that they would have either towed it to New York for scrapping or tow it back to Liverpool to get the forward part rebuilt. I'm also wondering how it would have altered the amount...
  8. Cam Houseman

    Stern Images

    Hi y'all. the following images are from the 2003 NOAA expedition. I tried to my best to start with a Stern "Flyover" Please enjoy! Port Side Reciprocating Engine The "Arch" that ends the Stern Pure Chaos: Collapsed Decking, and sticking-out Support beams Engine casing maybe? I think this...
  9. Cam Houseman

    What is this room?

    In the 1997 Titanic: Anwsers from the Abyss, at 1:08:44, there is a room wit twisted metal, and in the middle looks like like a pillar. Sorry theres no picture, I don't know how to post it. The full documentary is on Youtube. Thanks y'all
  10. Stern wreck visualisation

    Stern wreck visualisation

  11. Cian O'Reilly

    Titanic Stern Wreck 3D

    Hi All, I've just posted some links to a model I built of the Stern Section of the Titanic wreck on the model forum, so I'd like to add these links here - I used Photogrammetry to scan the Hand Built model into a 3D model and produce these short sequences based on it. Hope you like them...
  12. Cian O'Reilly

    Titanic stern section wreck (circa 1986) model

    Hi All, This is my first post here as a member. I'd like to share a project I've been working on for some time now - a scratch build of Titanic's stern section as it looked in 1986. It's been a long term project and it's only entering it's final phase now, as I begin to build the wreckage for...