1. Captain Puckett

    What use were these parts in the bow and stern?

  2. Captain Puckett

    Why did the Titanic have one more rudder on a platform at the stern?

  3. Scarborough

    Stern rivets

    I've been a Titanic fanatic since 1986, and so am at once frustrated and intrigued by the following question. I am looking for a rivet pattern around the registration lettering on the counter. I've been looking at photos of Olympic/Hawke damage to form a best guess as to what the pattern might...
  4. Cam Houseman

    Second Class Dining Saloon Tile on the Stern

    Hi Y'all! I found a Second Class Dining Saloon Tile, lying on the Second Class Entrance of the Stern. (Located in the NOAA 2003 Footage) Good eye, huh? I'm the First to spot it!! :D
  5. Cam Houseman

    How did the Two Tower Debris break from the Stern? Or did they separate at the surface?

    Hi! A recent thing that has been going through my mind is: How did the Forward and Aft Tower Debris break away from the Stern? Or better yet, did they break away during the initial break up at the Surface? And their journey to the Bottom? A quick Rundown of what the "Hull Towers" are: There are...
  6. Cian O'Reilly

    Titanic Stern Wreck 3D

    Hi All, I've just posted some links to a model I built of the Stern Section of the Titanic wreck on the model forum, so I'd like to add these links here - I used Photogrammetry to scan the Hand Built model into a 3D model and produce these short sequences based on it. Hope you like them...
  7. T

    Titanic stern wreck photos

    I am making a stern wreck model and since the TRMA page is no longer operational I have lost alot of references, so anybody that could link me to videos or photos to the stern wreck I would be very greatful.

    Why did the stern trap so much air? And other questions

    Why did the stern trap so much air? I know I might of asked this before, but I just have to know. Also.. Why did the bow dig into the floor of the ocean.. while on the topic of the bow, why did the hatch on the forecastle deck blow off?
  9. A

    How the break-up occurred

    The heavy weight of the engines was causing a bend in Titanic's double bottom. Does this mean the double bottom was weakened and did the breakup start there? this would go perfectly with the V breakup theory, because the double bottom would of held on and water would seep through, causing the...
  10. Jack Lindop

    Burning questions?

    Hello, I have two burning questions about the Empress. 1. What colour was the hull? Some pictures show it as green but some show it as red. 2. Did the ship sink stern first or bow first? Some paintings show it sinking stern first.
  11. D

    Stupid question regarding stern split

    OK - only my second post (and probably a really dumb one)... If Titanic split apart on the surface (splitting apart like a toilet roll being bent, rather than a top-down split), and the bow then broke off while the stern was still fairly unflooded and bouyant, when the stern settled back...
  12. S

    Could the stern have floated?

    When the titanic broke in two initially, the keel still attached the two together. At this this time the titanic's stern fell back to even level. The Titanic's sunken bow pulled the stern back up before breaking free, putting to stern in a position to sink. The stern had little to no water in it...