1. Luke Henry

    Titanic's Galleys

    The galleys of the RMS Titanic. The galleys of the Titanic is a very particular subject of the interior of the ship of dreams. This discussion goes through the galleys (kitchens), pantries, storage rooms, shops, bars, and many more. This discussion also touches the subject of the food stored...
  2. R

    Would you have to open and close your own porthole?

    Hi everyone, If you were a First class passenger, would you have had to open your own porthole for fresh air? Or would some passengers expect a steward/stewardess to do this for them? I can imagine this possibly happening in the stateroom suites but would it have been too much of an ask if...
  3. Lili-Marlene39-45

    Pantry man : Food or Wine ?

    Hi Guys, I should like to get something clear and I will need your help. First of all, my first language is not English but French. And the dictionary tells that a "Pantry man" is the person who is responsible of the wine -- and of course a "Pantry" is a place where the wine is kept. But I...