1. Charles

    Another Stewardess Plymouth Photo

    Hello everybody, I am not sure if the ET community knew a second Plymouth photo of Stewardesses existed, so here it is. I have four things to add regarding identifying these stewardesses: -No other Stewardesses have been proven to resemble Violet Jessop nor Mary Sloan (therefore...
  2. R

    Violet jessop

    I think this lady is possibly the most interesting of all the crew and passengers. She served on Olympic and witnessed the accident with Hawk, was on Titanic when it went down and also survived the sinking of the Brittanic. Quite a lady and yet amongst all the high profile names, seems to get...
  3. M

    Evelyn Marsden

    Hey, I was just wondering if any one knew of any pics of Evelyn Marsden or any other info on her as she grew up in South Australia & i am in the process of researching Australian passengers & crew. Does anyone know where on the ship she worked? Best Regards, matt E. (aus)
  4. M

    Ladies Maids and Valets

    What was the attitude towards Ladies Maids and Valets aboard ship? Because their tickets were paid for, what restrictions applied to them on board? I imagine that these passenger would never dare frequenting the first class passengers public rooms, not if they wanted to keep their positions...
  5. G


    Out of all the surviving stewardesses the only ones that I know what became of them are: Violet Jessop, Emma Bliss, Evelyn Marsden James and Sarah Stap. Would anybody know what became of any of the others??? Thanks Cameron Bell
  6. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Katherine Walsh