1. Saberius Prime Gaming

    Where did the 1st Class stewards sleep?

    So I was looking over the deck plans and I saw where the Titanic's second class stewards slept(E Deck Port Side on Scotland Road), but where did the 1st Class Stewards sleep? Did they have a designated room or did they have cabins?
  2. M

    Stewards and other miscellaneous crew members

    Hi there was 3 Third Class Stewards including Steward 3 , There also was Sailor with Fire Axe and two men in blue suit. And My Question is Who they are (that ones in blue jackets), If First Class Stewards or Second Class Stewards or what. Please, Please answer me.
  3. T

    Richard Parsons

    I have a postcard written by a Richard Parsons to his sister Addie, her address being Woolbine, Wellington rd, Somerset. Is there any decendants of the above? and is this the same Richard Parsons that was steward on Titanic?
  4. M

    Boysie Richard Russell

    I am a distance relation to Boysie (on fathers side) I have a picture taken when we believe he was sixteen + his birth certificate. Your details showing him as 19 is incorrect he was actually 17 and five months when he joined the crew of the Titanic. I will be sending a copy of the certificate...
  5. W

    William Carney Lift Steward

    Having been obsessed with the Titanic since a young boy, I recently found that William Carney was a Lift Steward who died on the ship and is buried in Halifax. I have followed my linneage back to 1895, and found no connection. Would anyone be able to point me toward internet resources to...