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    James was my great uncle. He survived. He returned to Southampton, without being asked any questions at the enquiry, and resumed his work on the sea. As it happens he survived another sea disaster in WW2. He died - I believe from smoke and dust inhalation, almost in obscurity, and very...
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    Answered Is anyone still alive from the Titanic?

    Are any of the Titanic survivors still living?
  3. Sidney Daniels

    Sidney Daniels

    Photo early 1980s
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    Edward Kamuda is the president of the Titanic Historical Society. He remembers when he first was introduced to the story. My father who owned the grand theatre out in Indian Orchard played the film titanic. And from that point I was hooked Kamunda said. |
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    Violet jessop

    I think this lady is possibly the most interesting of all the crew and passengers. She served on Olympic and witnessed the accident with Hawk, was on Titanic when it went down and also survived the sinking of the Brittanic. Quite a lady and yet amongst all the high profile names, seems to get...
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    A Woman of Temperament by Lucy Duff Gordon

    So...I remember on the other forum there was a discussion about how hard it was to get hold of Lucile's (Lady Duff Gordon's) memoirs and how expensive they are if you do. No more! As of the beginning of April you'll be able to buy them in print or as an e-book (links will go up soon) at a...
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    Remembering Aunt Daisy, a Titanic survivor from Green Bay

    It's time somebody paid attention to my Great Aunt Daisy. We are a few weeks shy of the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic April 14, 1912 so everyone can get ready to read and hear about every detail of the unsinkable ship that sank. The succession of Titanic-related movies will be...
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    Video Interview with Titanic survivor Millvina Dean

    When Belfast man Keith Drury travelled to Southampton in 2009 to meet Millvina Dean the last remaining survivor of the sinking of the Titanic he didn't realise he would be one of the last people to speak to her. For sadly Millvina who was 97 and had never married died of pneumonia just a few...