swimming pool

  1. Fernando MG

    An outdoor pool for Olympic

    Good afternoon!! Today I wanted to ask you a curious question: imagine Olympic (for any reason) had survived until, say, the end of WW2, and somewhere in the 60s she is drydocked and refitted. One of the new additions to the liner could be an outdoor pool (like Cunard did with RMS Queen...
  2. S

    Did the pool's lifeguards survive?

    I was just wondering if anyone knows if the lifeguards for the Titanic's swimming pools survived? Be pretty ironic if they drowned.
  3. Charles

    How did the Swimming Pool flood?

    Hi, I was watching a live action documentary (somewhat inaccurate) called "What Sank Titanic?" that included the stories of Captain Edward Smith, Bruce Ismay, Thomas Andrews, Fredrick Barrett, Jack Thayer, Milton Long, the Baxters, Bertha Maine, a Steerage family, and an inspector. About...