1. derek byrne

    Key to "Crow's Nest Telephone Titanic"

    I am interested in the key that David Blair did not pass on when he left the Titanic in Southampton. The key that is being auctioned is what he reportedly kept as a souvenir. It has a tag "Crow's Nest Telephone Titanic" and I am puzzled that if this was the key to the telephone in the crow's...
  2. A

    Crow's nest to the bridge

    I had look things up on the net and came across some information pior about the phone call that James Moody took from the crowsnest. This may have made the impact alot less therefore Tianic may have survived this whole disarter. All this happend before the officer's even taken any...
  3. S

    Telephones On Titanic

    Hey all, Happy Thanksgiving! I was looking around and sometimes I find information on telephones of some sort on the Titanic. I just saw a picture of a "telephone switchboard." Were there any telephones of some sort for passengers to use to talk to one another? I know about the telephone...