1. T

    The best of the least known documentaries

    Does anybody have any documentaries of the Titanic that they really like or enjoy, but is not very well-known outside of general public? There's one that was included in a DVD release of Titanic: The Complete Story that's called Beyond Titanic. It was narrated by Victor Garber, and it talked...
  2. Alex Clark

    Titanic film on ITV1

    Awful. Don't bother with part two. On the other hand there was a very good view of earthshine on the crescent moon tonight. Very nice.
  3. Sally@Hichens

    Titanic Programmes on TV in UK

    Inside the Titanic, Channel 5, Thurs 22 March, 8pm. This programme concentrates on what went on below decks in the ship's massive machine rooms where crew battled to stop the ship sinking. This powerful docudrama tells some of these compelling untold stories. Titanic and Me. This programme...
  4. R

    Upstairs Downstairs

    Hey all, has anyone ever seen the "Upstairs, Downstairs" episode where Lady Marjorie Bellamy travels aboard and goes down with the Titanic. Can those of you who have seen it tell me whether the episode was actually set on the ship or was it set in Eaton Place when the devastating news reached...
  5. Shelley Dziedzic

    History Channel's Worst of the Worst program

    For once there was something worth watching on TV. The History channel had a 2 hour program on terrible design mistakes. The Liberty Ships were cited. a story which I was not aware of- apparently inferior steel, when exposed to cold water, would have a disastrous effect on the welded seams and...