1. Seumas

    In Their Own Words

    It's one thing to read the accounts of the survivors in their own words. It's something special though when you are able to actually listen to them recalling what they saw and heard that night. How many survivors lived long enough to actually have their memories recorded on audio and/or...
  2. Kyle Naber

    Frank Prentice Sinking Testimony

    Frank Prentice was one of the only survivors to experience the final moments on the stern of the ship. He is one of the best people to reference, in my opinion, because he was able to feel the movements instead of attempting to make out the activities of a dark mass. In this 1966 radio...
  3. H

    Titanic Sinking: Could A Virgin Perspective Solve the Mystery + Are we unintentionally Biased?

    I not to sure how to explain this but here we go... I been thinking what would happen if we got people who never heard of Titanic to determine the sinking: My hypnosis, is that if we got together a bunch of experts in ship structure who had never heard anything about the ship or seen any...