third class passengers

  1. LLWH

    First and third class passengers together

    Hi! I'm trying to write a novel, and I was wondering if there were any areas on the ship where a third class passenger (female) and a first class passenger (male) could be together, privately or otherwise? Were there areas where all passengers were allowed? Were first class passengers pretty...
  2. A

    Third-class couples on Titanic

    I have a question. If a third class couple were married, with no children, would they be berthed together or separately? I understand single women had cabins in the stern, while singe men had cabins in the bow. I've also heard that even families traveling with children would be in segregated...
  3. J

    Mardirosian, Sarkis

    His bio and passenger summary don't match up. Anybody have more info?
  4. Charles

    Third Class Women in Bow

    Hello to everyone, After looking at many records, including the Joseph/Peter (Katrin Yusuf) family from Lebanon and The Fatal Journey of Third Class Men on the Titanic which shows info that at least 9 Third Class women were in the forward section, I was wondering if there are accounts of...
  5. Mike Poirier

    Virginia Ethel Emanuel

    From the description of little Virginia's background ( like her mother being an opera singer ) why did she and Elizabeth Dowdell travel third class? What ever happened to Virginia?