third class

  1. A

    Third-class couples on Titanic

    I have a question. If a third class couple were married, with no children, would they be berthed together or separately? I understand single women had cabins in the stern, while singe men had cabins in the bow. I've also heard that even families traveling with children would be in segregated...
  2. Mike Colclough

    Third Class Toilets

    A google search for Titanic's third class staterooms produces images of what looks like a bunk room with a water fixture at one end. Its height suggests "toilet" but it looks more like a sink. Were they one in the same in 1912? Did these shared bunk rooms actually have open toilets at one end...
  3. L

    French and Italian passengers in Titanic

    Hi! I am studying the French and Italian people in the Titanic. I have found in this list: Titanic: Demographics of the Passengers that there were some in Third Class. Where can I find more information? Thanks! Daniel
  4. Charles

    Third Class Women in Bow on Titanic

    Hello to everyone, After looking at many records, including the Joseph/Peter (Katrin Yusuf) family from Lebanon and The Fatal Journey of Third Class Men on the Titanic which shows info that at least 9 Third Class women were in the forward section, I was wondering if there are accounts of...
  5. Charles

    Peter Joseph Lebanese Family in Bow

    When I was looking on the Cabin Allocations List, I noticed that a Lebanese woman and her children (Peter/Joseph Family) were shown to be having cabin F-63 (Section E) in the bow. I was wondering: I thought women and children were in the bow. To make sure this wasn't a typo, I looked on the...
  6. 1

    Third Class Music

    I'm hosting a dinner party based on food served in the third class dining saloon, and have had no trouble finding recipes, but am struggling to find appropriate music to play. I've a few Irish pieces (fiddles and the like), but not enough for a whole evening, and I think it might be a bit too...
  7. E

    Here's Trivia For You...

    Did 3rd Class have a bar serving alcohol? I'm trying to determine if the “shot glasses” w/the red White Star logo being sold by Titanic Inc. are authentic reproductions.